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Third Reading Vote for the Responsible Mining Bill to take Place in the Fall

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Third Reading Vote for the Responsible Mining Bill to take Place in the Fall


OTTAWA – Upon returning to the House of Commons for the fall session, the first thing that the MP’s will debate is Liberal MP John McKay’s Private Member’s Bill, C-300 (The Responsible Mining Bill). The Bill is slated to have the first hour of debate for third reading on the day that MP’s return, September 20th, 2010.


The Responsible Mining Bill, also cited as An Act Respecting Corporate Accountability for Mining, Oil and Gas Corporations in Developing Countries, seeks to ensure that Canadian extractive companies that operate in developing countries and receive funding from the Government of Canada comply with internationally agreed upon and human rights and environmental standards. Under the Responsible Mining Bill, if a complaint is made and deemed to be valid, a Minister of the crown will commence an investigation to determine whether or not the company is out of compliance. Should a finding be made against a company, the Minister will order the CPP funding, EDC funding and consular support be removed.


This bill has served as a lightning rod for discussion surrounding the issue of corporate social responsibility, and has drawn a great deal of domestic and international attention. Following the debate on September 20th the second hour of debate is expected later in October with the third reading vote following shortly thereafter.


Said McKay: “With the third reading vote approaching I am encouraged by the overwhelming support I have received both here in Canada and from abroad. It is high time that Canada, as a significant player in the global mining industry take the lead in promoting corporate social responsibility by passing the Responsible Mining Bill”