Towards a united front of grassroots migrants groups

AccueilTowards a united front of grassroots migrants groups

In partnership with Dignidad Migrante, PINAY, CAP-CPC, CDHAL, International Women’s Alliance (IWA), Women of Diverse Origins (WDO), CIEM, and the International Migrant’s Alliance, this event is a follow up of the first colloquium on regularization, the fourth conference by the international alliance of migrants and refugees (IAMR4) as well as the founding of the temporary foreign workers association (TFWA).

The event will begin with presentations of the outcome of the colloquium and the IAMR4 conference as well as a presentation by the organizers of the TFWA.

The second part of the event will be a series of workshops that discuss the various issues that face migrants in canada as well as the demands migrants groups in montreal have that address these issues. The goal will be to share analyses on the issues migrants face, explore what common demands groups have that address these issues and to build towards a united front of migrants groups.


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