Dear all,


The Committee for Human Rights in Latin America (CDHAL) would like to invite you to a festive evening at ALIZÉ, 900 Ontario East, Montreal, on Friday, August 16th, at 7:00pm. We’d like to seize the occasion of the launching of our publication, Caminando volume 28, addressing the 20 years of the NAFTA implementation in Mexico, to raise funds for our projects and highlight the importance of the Urgent Actions, a core component of the work of CDHAL.


We are selling tickets between 10$ and 20$ (according to what you can pay) to attend a concert by Latin American musicians and a video presentation on Urgent Actions realized by Diana Potes. Among the invited artists are Julien Álvarez Thomet from Bombolessé, CANTAMAPU, Gustavo Saavedra V, and several others who will join us on this occasion. It is possible to get tickets contacting us by email at info@cdhal.org, by facebook or calling us.

More info on the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/450707895036190/


It is possible to get tickets and pay online by making a donation on the CDHAL website: http://cdhal.org/don. Please print the confirmation page as proof of payment, or email us so that we can add you to the list.


Looking forward to see you all for this evening full of music, solidarity and great people!


Please help us spread the word!


The CDHAL team


More info: call us at 514 257 8710 ext. 360 or 334


Among the invited artists are:

1- Julien Álvarez Thomet from Bombolessé: http://www.bombolesse.com/


With a selection and arrangements carefully polished, Cantamapu’s repertoire includes creations from major Latin American artists such as Violeta Parra, Víctor Jara, Chabuca Granda y Simón Díaz.


Claudia Vera, music teacher in the Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación en Chile, has an extensive experience in the field of classical and folkloric music. She worked as a teacher, choir director and chorister in classical music groups such as the Madrigalistas of the Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de Educación en Chile, the Symphonic Choir of the University of Chile, and has been part of the folkloric ballet of the University of Santiago de Chile.


Marco Pinto, audio profesional in the University of Chile, has been part of several musical groups in Chile: the choirs of the University of Chile and the University of Santiago de Chile, the folkloric ballet and the Estudiantina Mayor of the University of Santiago de Chile, and the Estudiantina Filarmónica Cal y Canto.

3- Gustavo Saavedra V.

Gustavo Saavedra was born in 1962 in La Paz, Bolivia, and has been profoundly influenced by traditional South American music since his childhood. The political context experienced in Latin America in the 1970s made its print on the popular artistic expressions demanding social justice, the end of the exclusion of large majorities and equality. It is then that Gustavo learned to sing a music that is an account of life, sadness, joy, hope and of the deepest feelings of the peoples of this profound America.