Conference and film screening: URBAN ZAPATISMO! "El movimiento por Justicia del Barrio": Indigenous Zapatismo in practice in New York!

AccueilConference and film screening: URBAN ZAPATISMO! « El movimiento por Justicia del Barrio »: Indigenous Zapatismo in practice in New York!

Representatives of this movement come to us to share their experience: At the heart dignified and brown of New York , migrants mexican @ s that form this Movement have created a community resistance against neoliberal displacement and all forms of oppression !

They’ll present the film: « Another World , Another Way , Another Neighborhood : From down to left « 
The film shows how the members of the Movement have organized block by block, building by building and door by door his neighborhood in search of dignity and justice : From down to left !

Using the principles and practices of Indigenous Zapatistas in their daily struggle they articulated a rally « Zapatistas » urban expression. In this documentary Mexicans immigrants tell us about their experience of resistance against an unjust government, corrupt politicians, and unscrupulous owners to get to a better neighborhood. They show us some concrete examples of a living « Zapatistas » practice even miles of Chiapas. How they have managed to integrate their solidarity with the indigenous peoples of Mexico within their daily work.

Also they will tell us about the situation of the indigenous Tzetal town of San Sebastian Bachajon in Chiapas, Mexico. This village leads a fight to defend their territory and their community, the government has plans to convert their land into a tourist community for lucrative purposes because of the proximity of falling  » Agua Azul « . The community has suffered years of abuse, deprivation, threats, abuse as well as detentions under false accusations and the invasion and occupation of the village by the armed forces of the state. We invite you to know more about the resistance and struggle of the people of San Sebastian Bachajon .


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